We are

we are Rifpa, an established company in the Greek paper market. We have a great history – since we carry on the name and values of Henry Arones SA, one of the first paper merchants in Greece – but even greater potential, given our collaboration with the most famous paper brands and the largest domestic trading and publishing houses.

we are a company managed and owned by a younger generation. This is why we try to bring a fresh, new outlook to the trade and our business.

we love and respect the creative process, so we offer only branded, tested and trusted papers. It’s the only way we can make sure you’ll get the optimal result every time.

we love and respect the environment. That’s why we offer only certified paper from standardized production methods. We also offer ecological paper, recycled paper and paper produced by sustainable energy resources. Finally we respect our business partners. This is why we’ll try hard to earn your trust. Because we firmly believe that we deserve it.