The Paper

we offer comes from the most established paper mills in Europe and the rest of the world. Those mills and their branded products guarantee the highest levels of quality. We select them according to your needs and offer to you exclusively:

the complete range of CARTIERE MILIANI FABRIANO. The production of this historic mill includes, the best seller of the uncoated papers Chamois (PALATINA), special papers like ELLE ERRE, FABRIA and COLORE, the distinguished uncoated OFFSET 2001 and the famous range of copy papers COPY 1,2,3 and EMINENCE.

the unique synthetic paper of ARJOBEX, POLYART.

Apart from our exclusivities, we represent and offer in the Greek market:

the two most established and sought after coated papers from SAPPI, MAGNO and QUATRO, a printer’s first choice.

Two famous AVERY DENNISON – FASSON self- adhesive papers, GLOSSART and VELLUX.

The striking ranges of GMUND special papers, VALENTINOISE, TRANSPARENT and CANNABIS.

The high end watermarked paper, DISTINCTION by LANA and according to your needs, the best products from leading paper mills like UPM’s uncoated FINE and M-REAL’s copy paper LOGIC 300.